3 Ways To Keep The Holiday Sparkle Alive · All Things Christmas

3 Ways To Keep The Holiday Sparkle Alive · All Things Christmas

As the holiday season kicks off, it is safe to say Christmas this year may look a bit different. However, with a survey by RetailMeNot showing that  66 percent of consumers plan to spend the same or more than last year. With eCommerce giants like Amazon kicking off their deal events later this month, it looks like Americans the country are still gearing up for a festive holiday season. For many families, 

Christmas is a time for family and filled with magic, joy, and celebrations. For parents, the look of wonder and joy on their young children’s faces are some of their most treasured memories of the season. Yet, as your children get older it can seem more difficult to keep the Christmas magic alive in their eyes. The trick is to change your traditions as your child’s interests mature; finding new ways to keep them excited about the magic of Christmas.

Host An Annual Christmas Movie Night
Kids of all ages love movies. In fact, 3 in 4 Americans visited the cinemas at least once last year. Out of the entire moviegoing population, 13 percent were teenagers. Having a Christmas movie night with your family is a time-honored tradition for many households. Now, as they get older you can continue the tradition with a few changes. You can choose to have a fun family movie night with your teens with classics like A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, or Home Alone. 
You can also start a new tradition for your teen by hosting a Christmas Holiday movie night for your children and their friends. As they get older, teens want to spend more time with their friends. With some holiday-themed popcorn and a living room turned into a home theatre, your teen and their friends can have their very own movie marathon this holiday season. Another useful tip: the DVDs of their favorite Christmas movies can make great stock stuffers for your teen.

Have A Christmas Themed Cooking Competition
Let’s be honest- a key part of the holidays is about the food. The traditional Christmas dinner, eggnog, and cookies are a staple in homes everywhere. When they were younger, your child may have loved helping your bake Christmas cookies or the extra sweet treats you made. Now as they are older, you can transform that tradition into one that encourages their independence and creativity- a Christmas cook-off. 
Whether it is letting them put their own spin on Christmas dessert or passing on a family recipe, your teen will love to get involved. It will also be a good opportunity to bond as a family. As a bonus, you can gift the winner with their very own personalized cooking apron or equipment as a yearly tradition. Not only would it evoke priceless memories for your child but it can also be a useful present for your young adult son or daughter as they head off to college soon. As they prepare for college and to live on their own, skills, and tools like these will become invaluable.

Create Anticipation With A Countdown To A Special Event
No matter how old they get, children love anticipation and surprises. Plan a special family event like a day out at a Christmas market, a visit to the ice skating rink, or a small present to kick off the holiday season. The anticipation of counting down to the event can make it seem exciting for your child- and the rest of the family. Plan a Christmas tree decorating day, filled with hot chocolate, tinsel making, and the writing of Christmas lists. If your family loves the crafting, why not have a make your own Christmas ornament competition? 

While your child’s preference for celebrating Christmas may change with age, the magic does not have to. Reimagining and introducing new traditions into your holidays can make each holiday season feel wondrous and like the first one for them, no matter how old they get.

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